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An innovative way to win business, drive enrollment and retain clients
LawAssure for Benefit Brokers
Use legal services as a marketing tool  and a source of employee 'touch points'

Win proposals and increase enrollment 

Grow your business and impress clients by gifting an exceptional legal service

Discover something new
Through our LawAssure service, you can help employees deal easily with legal matters throughout their lives
The LawAssure consumer legal service includes:
Estate planning and wills / Trusts / Powers of attorney / Healthcare directives / Family & divorce / Consumer complaints / Real estate / 
Access to attorneys for advice and document review
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How does our service help you?
LawAssure gives a boost to an
employer's benefits package
at a time when benefits
budgets are tight. (We suggest
LawAssure is gifted but it can
also be employer sponsored)
LawAssure's key services such
as wills, trusts and healthcare
directives directly connect
with health, life and other
voluntary benefits - extending
opportunities for dialogue.
Drive enrollment
LawAssure can be used to
encourage enrollment and
education by leveraging more
one-to-one time, group or
electronic communication
with employees.
What users say about our service

“Very practical, easy way to write a will.”

“I think it's an excellent service which I know I will be able to use time and time again.”

“Excellent service, simple to use, quick to complete and worth every penny.”

“Fast, efficient, friendly.”
We’re an international technology company specializing in the development of innovative, online and assisted legal services for employees
See for yourself
Watch a demo of our LawAssure service to understand the value, power and sophistication we bring to employee benefits
Enter your details and we will email you case studies together with access to try our LawAssure legal service
You're in good company.
We're trusted by over 60 major insurance and financial brands globally.
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